Harold F. Hand

Appointed to NOPD: 4/15/58
Retired from NOPD: 6/30/87
Elected:  10/16/69
Assignments included:
August 10, 1958 through June 17, 1962: First District Station -  handled initial investigations of all incidents occurring in assigned sector.
June 17,  1962  through October 5, 1969: Detective Bureau (CIB) Units served - Homicide, Robbery, Burglary, General Assignment. Conducted Follow-up Investigations on all major criminal Offenses. 
October 5, 1969 through  June 30, 1987: Court Liaison - Court Officer Municipal Court Section  C & B. Handled court Security. 
January 1979 through December 1986:  Personally assigned to senior or chief Judge of New Orleans Municipal Court to execute special orders pertaining to court administration.