William T. Roth

Appointed to NOPD: 4/66
Retired from NOPD:  4/95
Elected: 12/10/79
Assignments included:
1966 to 1969 Police Officer signed to the 3rd police district, Lakeview. Duties included general patrol, traffic enforcement, respond to radio calls for service. 
1969 to 1980 Promoted to Detective and assigned to Detective Bureau, Robbery Division. Responsible for investigations into all armed robberies (business, pedestrian, bank) in the city of New Orleans. 
1980 to 1982 Detective/Investigator for Orleans Parish District Attorney. Responsible for all investigations assigned in section A of criminal court. Interviewing witnesses, victims and assist in jury selection and assist District Attorney at trial.
1982 to 1989 Detective later promoted to Sergeant. Criminal Investigation Unit, traveling criminal investigator, Sergeant for the fugitive divisions responsible for extradition of criminals to and from other states for prosecution. 
February 89 to September 89 Assistant Platoon Commander VCD. Responsible for eighteen police officers, setup daily work and annual leave schedules for all officers, read and approve all police reports. Responsible for care and up keep of vehicles. Supervise activities of all crime scenes. 
1989 to 1995 Commander of 8th District, formerly View Carre, Managing Criminal Investigations Unit, Supervisor of seven investigators, responsible for investigation of all major crimes in French Quarter. Duties include assigning cases to be investigated, determine solvability factor of cases to be worked on. Plot crime trends and design police action to eliminate problem Prepare and present cases to be prosecuted to District Attorney. Give talks and seminars to business and neighborhood watch groups.