Benefits of the Association are as follows:

Natural or Accidental Death: $5,000.00
At age 55 this amount is reduced to $4,000.00
Killed in the line of Duty (any age) $10,000.00


The PMBA Physician is:  

Dr. Arnold B. Alper

2820 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA. 70119
Telephone: 821-8158


Our physician shall examine carefully all applicants for membership whenever called upon to do so, and report in writing on the health and condition of the applicant.

When medical services are needed, any member in good standing, may call on the Physician (by appointment only) for himself or his family. 

Family is defined as follows:
If a member is unmarried, his/her mother, father and unmarried siblings, provided these relatives live under the same roof as the member and are dependent on the member substantially for support.
If a member is married, wife or husband, father, mother, widowed mother-in-law, unmarried children from age 13 an up to and including the age of 21 years, provided that these relatives live under the same roof as the member, and are substantially dependent on the member for support.

The Board of Administrators shall appropriate funds  for the purpose of purchasing a Floral Design, in memory of a deceased member, and also for a floral design to be placed on the P.M.B.A tomb on All Saints Day.

Burial Tomb (shown on homepage) is available in Greenwood Cemetery for members, spouses, and dependent children upon request.

During the 10 year period, 1992 through 2001, with the assistance of our Annual Fund Raiser, we have paid to Beneficiaries of Members in excess of $855,000.00 in death benefits.