Membership Requirements:

From the Constitutions and By-Laws:

                Article III

Sec. 1. All Members of the New Orleans Police Department, to include Police Cadets, Aides, who are permanent employees, shall be eligible for membership, but must join the Association within five (5) years of their appointment to the Department, otherwise they will be ineligible for membership. Provided their age does not exceed (45) at the time of joining.

Sec. 2. Applications for membership shall be made to the Board of Administrators on a form for that purpose, in which the applicant must give name, date of birth and age, residence, rank or grade, district or division in which attached, marital status, date of appointment to the Department, and names of his or her beneficiaries and their relationship.

Sec. 3. The applicant, when elected to membership, shall be given a beneficiary certificate by the Recording Secretary, which shall bear his/her name, date of election, and the name and relationship of the beneficiary.